Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tanti Auguri Di Buon Natale

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas season has come with many blessings. The first obvious one is getting my host family. Walter and Paola are just perfect. I email them everyday and I just have a really good feeling about them. Also they got my school and enrolled me in the 11th year over there. The school looked really nice by its website. Oh and believe it or not there are after school sports activities. They signed me up for a after school volleyball team and I'm so excited! Imagine that I get to play the sport I love in Italy!

Anyways off the subject, I can't wait for Christmas tomorrow! It is the one and only day that my entire family is together. I miss having my brothers around the house and it is the greatest feeling to sit in my living room and see all four of us kids together. This is something adults usually say but time has gone by way to fast. At candle light I stood there in between my parents and just wanted to cry because it was just us three and that is how its going to be next year. Seems like just yesterday we were all at home. Heck it seems like just yesterday I decided to go to Italy and here I am 34 days away from leaving. Geez! I'm probably going to be on the plane and be like WHat? How am I here already?

Oh and one more exciting thing. I'm leaving for NYC a day early so I won't have to worry about delays. So with that in mind my parents don't want me to be alone so I'm trying to convince them to let Erica come with me and spend a day in NYC with me for her 18th birthday. I feel terrible missing so many important things but she is so understanding. I want to do this as one more thing with just me and her.

Well I've wrote to much again so I'll stop. Merry Christmas everyone!
All my Love!

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